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Architectural Project

The procedure for our “Architectural Project” package is a seamless and collaborative experience designed to guide you through every step of architectural design. Here’s how it works:

**1. Initial Consultation:** It all begins with an initial meeting with our team of architects. We listen carefully to understand your needs, ideas, and preferences. This step is crucial in defining the vision for your project.

**2. Preliminary Design:** After gathering all the necessary information, our team starts working on a preliminary design. We create a basic layout that includes sketches, rough plans, and conceptual ideas. We present this initial iteration to gather your feedback and suggestions.

**3. Project Development:** Once we have a clear understanding of your preferences, we proceed to develop the project. This includes creating detailed plans, technical drawings, and intricate sections. We ensure that all structural and functional aspects of your project are taken into account.

**4. Revisions and Approvals:** At each stage, we closely collaborate with you to make adjustments based on your feedback. We strive to ensure that the final project perfectly reflects your vision and adheres to quality and safety standards.

**5. Document Preparation:** Once the project is approved as a whole, we prepare all the necessary documents for the construction process. This includes final plans, technical details, specifications, and everything that contractors will need.

**6. Project Management (optional):** If desired, our team can also provide project management services to oversee construction, coordinate contractors, and ensure everything proceeds as planned.

**7. Bringing Your Vision to Life:** Finally, once the documents are ready and construction commences, we are there to ensure a smooth process. Our ultimate goal is to help you realize your architectural vision efficiently and successfully.

We believe in open communication and collaboration throughout the process to deliver an exceptional architectural project that meets your expectations and exceeds your dreams. Our “Architectural Project” package at €699 is designed to provide exceptional value in creating your ideal space. Trust us to transform your vision into reality.

How we work

Efficient Project Workflow for Exceptional Result


Submit All Project Documents

Kindly send us all the relevant project documents for a thorough review and analysis.


Fast and Free Project Evaluation

We will carefully examine your project and provide you with a prompt and complimentary response.


Demo Delivery upon Approval

After receiving your approval, we will promptly commence the project and send you a demo for your review.


Payment and Final Delivery

Upon your approval of the project, make the payment and receive the final version of the deliverables.

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